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Product Description


The RBR can withstand air temperatures of up to 350°C on the inlet side because of its design making it especially suitable for hot air recycling. By combining the double-flange air heaters type DF-R and other accessories, hot air systems can be constructed that recycle the hot air from the process which saves significant amounts of energy and costs.


At 60 Hz, the ASO delivers 15 900 l/min. When used with the appropriate accessories it can supply several Leister air heaters in parallel.


No blower no air! In industrial processes one blower can often supply several air heaters in parallel. Our durable and maintenance-free blowers are a result of uncompromising quality standards and decades of experience. SILENCE, Leister’s mid-range blower, is very quiet during operation at 61 dB(A). Developed to withstand operating conditions with air intake temperatures of 100° C to 200° C (212 °F to 392 °F). Delivers optimum & effortless performance in ambient temperatures up to 75° C (167 °F).


If high air pressure is required, the AIRPACK is the answer! It is used wherever large air volumes at high pressure are required. Its impressive power means it can supply several Leister air heaters in parallel. The AIRPACK delivers sufficient pressure to efficiently supply Leister blow-off nozzles.


Very compact design with enormous power. Thanks to efficient sound insulation the ROBUST high pressure blower is very quiet. It can be installed in all orientations and is virtually indestructible even under extreme conditions and continuous operation.


In spite of its compact dimensions, the newly-developed, MONO 6 SYSTEM blower continues to impress due to its high air volume of up to 600 l/min (21.2 cfm). One of its new features is the ability to adjust the air volume, either on the device itself, via the “e-drive” operating unit, or through the external interface. As a result, the blower can be adapted perfectly to suit every application. With its maintenance-free, brushless motor, the blower is ideal for continuous operation.

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